I am Moff Tiaan Jerjerrod and I Can Assure You That The Death Star II is Perfectly Safe

Kelley Greene
3 min readDec 22, 2020

“After 20 months on the ground, Boeing’s 737 Max will soon fly again, ending a tragic episode that cost 346 people their lives…[Boeing] got clearance for the plane to return to American skies after convincing the Federal Aviation Administration that changes in design, software and crew training would eliminate the flaws that caused fatal crashes in 2018 and 2019.”
The New York Times

As you are all aware, four years ago, a horrific incident occurred with our original Death Star. Unfortunately, it resulted in the loss of over one million crew members, and the Empire was forced to ground production while we investigated the cause. Today, after just a few short years and no additional oversight, we are proud to announce that the Death Star II has been cleared to fly!

After the catastrophic explosion of the first Death Star, we immediately began interrogating and mind probing the Empire’s best scientists and engineers. Our reporting shows that we have successfully pinpointed all of the issues that led to the first mishap. By making just a few small changes, we are confident that the Death Star II is perfectly safe.

When the investigation began, we discovered that a memo regarding structural weaknesses in the Death Star had been brought forward by a whistleblower prior to the battle of Yavin 4. However, the memo was not acted upon. It appears the Empire has a “culture of concealment”, possibly because all mistakes are rightfully punished by strangulation or severe lightsaber injury.

To confirm that these types of issues are brought to light, our new system of reporting bypasses the normal chain of command. Everything is now brought directly to Lord Vader. This has been working splendidly, as evidenced by the fact that the Death Star II is nearly complete and we haven’t had a single report. We had also struggled with crew productivity, and Lord Vader has been particularly instrumental in finding new ways to motivate them.

Likely our most regrettable action during the construction of the original Death Star was allowing the design and construction teams to manage and regulate themselves. This allowed Galen Erso to implement large exhaust ports that left the…

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